This week, Getliņi EKO, Manager of Getliņi, the biggest municipal waste polygon in the Baltics, for the first time in its history starts to sell cucumbers grown in the company’s greenhouse. 

The company’s agriculturist chose to grow the long cucumber variety. They are for now available in company’s store, for the price of 1.50 €/kg. The company is also planning to start mild-curing and packing of cucumbers soon. 

Growing cucumbers is the most recent plan of Getliņi for agriculture development, which supplements the successful growth of tomatoes. The greenhouse is 0.3 hectares wide, it is suitable for intensive growth of cucumbers in winter, by using lighting and recuperation devices. This greenhouse is made as a highly technological greenhouse suitable for growing cucumbers. LED lighting is used in it and the greenhouse is the first such greenhouse in the world, where a full-led lighting is used for growing cucumbers.

In choosing and growing the cucumber seeds, Getliņi EKO collaborates closely with experimental greenhouses, which are developed by the PHILIPS company in order to select the cucumber sorts which are suitable for growing in winter. 


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