“Getliņi EKO” is a modern, technological and environmentally friendly landfill of household waste. We develop and ensure operational directions, which interact and supplement each other for higher efficiency, self-sufficiency and sustainability. 

We manage and process household waste, manufacture ecologically renewable energy, participate in environment management and grow vegetables.  

Getliņi in numbers

novāktie tomāti: 2500 kg
Tomato plants:
23 890 pcs (2016 year)

Harvested tomatos: 2500 kg / per month
Waste received:
300 000 t (2016 year)

Saražotā elektrība: 2500 kW
Produced electricity:
31 GWH / per year

Radītais siltums: 2500 kW
Produced heat:
20 GWH / per year

viesu skaits ekskursijās: 320 cilvēki
Number of visitors:
5 758 persons (2017 year)