We invite you to participate in our landfill tours, during which you can spend less than 2 hours with us and discover the underlying principles of "green thinking", eco-friendly economic management and the sustainable development policy of Getliņi EKO. Currently, excursions are organized remotely – on the Zoom platform.



The company tours are free of charge. We welcome groups of 15 to 25 people.

During the group tour, we will present to you:

  1. The history and current operation of the landfill;
  2. The operation and importance of the sorting plant;
  3. The differences between a waste landfill and a dump;
  4. The principles of creation and operation of energy cells, infiltrate collection and gas production at the landfill;
  5. The operations of the energy unit beginning from gas production to electricity and heat production;
  6. The well-equipped modern greenhouses, the technologies and innovative solutions used in them;
  7. The principles of eco-friendly and sustainable economic management.

On the Zoom platform, we organise the landfill visit and also group works on waste sorting issues. 

Companies, interest groups, tourist groups, schools and others can apply for excursions.

To apply for a tour please sumbit a contact form below and we will contact you within two working days.

At the moment we accept groups of up to 25 people (maximum).


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