Getliņi is a company open to the public. The daily free excursions provided by Getliņi are visited by several schools, kindergartens, company teams and groups of friends, entrepreneurs and foreign guests.

We believe that by telling, showing and sharing our experience, we help the young generation to gain proper idea of why taking care of the environment is good, why waste must be sorted, what the life cycle of waste is, why every piece of waste is a resource, why it is necessary to refrain from buying useless things and take care of the waste reduction, as well as many others issues related to the environmental safety and sustainability of our country.
Annually, Getliņi is visited by 250–350 tour groups, workshop participants and other interested visitors. In total, they amount to 5500–7500 people a year who visit us, participate in environmental education activities and gain some new knowledge.

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