In view of the fact that SIA Getliņi EKO power unit produces heat as a by-product, the use of which is limited, and that our attitude to environmental safety does not allow us to simply release the heat “into the air”, we got the idea to construct greenhouses and grow vegetables in them, since the heat we produce is relatively cheap.
Modern greenhouses that are 5.5 m high and span a total area of 11,412 m2 are built in the territory of SIA Getliņi EKO landfill. Greenhouse plants occupy an area of 10,512 m2 and amount to 25,000 seedlings planted. Annually, SIA Getliņi EKO produces about 500 tonnes of tomatoes. 
The greenhouses are equipped with climate control facilities which, in accordance with the parameters set by the technologist, provide the conditions necessary for growing plants. Cultivated plants are grown in mineral wool and hung in planting beds which are positioned 70 cm above the ground level. This ensures that the cultivated plants do not come into contact with the ground. The nutrition for the plants is provided with the assistance of computerised fertiliser mixing and dosage programme which, using individual mineral fertilisers and artesian well water, provides plants with the necessary nutrients. The plants are supplied with a nutritional solution by means of a sprinkler system. For the nutrition of the plant, a nutritive solution is used with an accuracy of 1 mg per litre.
The pollination of tomato plants is ensured by colonies of bumblebees which are placed in the greenhouse as soon as the first bunch of plants blossoms. The fight against pests is waged with the assistance of their natural enemies – the white fly parasite (Encarsia fomosa) and predatory mites (Phytoseiulus persimilis and Amblyseius cucumeris). This ensures that harmful plant protection agents are not used in the greenhouse of SIA Getliņi EKO and that its products are healthy and delicious.




SIA Getliņi EKO has been growing tomatoes since 2011, providing them during the season when healthy local vegetables are hardly available in Latvia. Every year our tomato marketing season begins in November and continues until August. The agronomist, assisted by his team, annually plants around 25,000 tomato seedlings of different cultivars; this year five different cultivars have been planted: Beorgange, Haiku, Amoroso and Managua, Fujimaro.
The crops are harvested two times a week: on Mondays and Thursdays. About 15 tonnes of tomatoes are harvested a week.
During the season, it is possible to purchase the tomatoes in major grocery stores in Latvia as well as in SIA Getliņi EKO specialised store located in the territory of the landfill.



For the purpose of using the free space of the greenhouse, in April hanging flowers are planted in pots and hung in the greenhouse aisles, where they are watered and fed automatically until they bush out, start to bloom and are ready for sale.
Each year from the beginning of May it is possible to buy the pots with blooming flowers in the SIA Getliņi EKO store located in the territory of the greenhouse complex.
SIA Getliņi EKO grows and sells Mandevilla, double Calibrachoa  varieties.
Every year the flower selling season lasts from early May to early July. The summer 2019 flower season is over. 


Growing cucumbers is the most recent plan of Getliņi for agriculture development, which supplements the successful growth of tomatoes. The greenhouse is 0.3 hectares wide, it is suitable for intensive growth of cucumbers in winter, by using lighting and recuperation devices. In choosing and growing the cucumber seeds, Getliņi EKO collaborates closely with experimental greenhouses, which are developed by the PHILIPS company in order to select the cucumber sorts which are suitable for growing in winter.  This greenhouse is made as a highly technological greenhouse suitable for growing cucumbers. LED lighting is used in it and the greenhouse is the first such greenhouse in the world, where a full-led lighting is used for growing cucumbers.

We welcome you every working day from 11:00 to 19:00 to Getliņi store.