United Kingdom, December 2018. Global Energy News magazine announces the winners of the 2018 Global Energy Awards. "Getliņi EKO" is recognized as the best biogas producer.


SIA Getliņi EKO has been named the national winner for 2017–2018 at the European Business Awards, Europe’s largest business competition. Chosen from among more than 110,000 companies at the end of last year, Getliņi EKO was included in the Ones to Watch list with 2898 of the most promising and distinguished European businesses. They were evaluated by an independent panel of judges consisting of experienced entrepreneurs, politicians, academicians and auditors from different European countries. These companies then went on to compete for the status of the national winner in one of the 12 competition categories. Getliņi EKO was named the winner in The Business of the Year with Turnover of € 0–25M category.


Due to amendments to the law of VAT in Latvia, the VAT for locally specific fresh fruits, berries, vegetables and potatoes will be reduced to 5% rate from 1 January 2018. This will affect the price of tomatoes and cucumbers grown in "Getliņi" greenhouses. 


From 1 December 2017, the waste reception time in the "Getlini" landfill will change. The changes will affect private clients and those corporate clients who does not have an agreement signed with "Getliņi Eko", Ltd.



Getliņi EKO has started to sell the new yield of tomatos grown in the company's two tomatos' greenhouses. The agriculturist of Getliņi this season offers to enjoy 4 sorts of tomatos - orange tomatos BeOrange, cherry tomatos Amoroso and red tomatos Haiku and Managua.



Today Getliņi EKO, starts to sell the new yield of cucumbers grown in the company’s greenhouse. The cucambers are sold in "Getliņi" store in the territory of landfill as well as in the leading food store chains of Latvia.


The last week of July 2017 is the final week of our tomato and cucumber growing and marketing season.  Tomatoes will be available for purchase in "Geltiņi" store until 28 July.



"Getliņi EKO" offers for sale crushed construction debris for the price - 4.68 EUR/tonne. 


The first yield of Getliņi EKO cucumbers has ripened. 

This week, Getliņi EKO, Manager of Getliņi, the biggest municipal waste polygon in the Baltics, for the first time in its history starts to sell cucumbers grown in the company’s greenhouse. 



Getliņi EKO, manager of Getliņi, the biggest municipal waste polygon in the Baltics, opened the 3rd greenhouse in the territory of the polygon today. This greenhouse is made as a highly technological greenhouse suitable for growing cucumbers. LED lighting is used in it and the greenhouse is the first such greenhouse in the world, where a full-led lighting is used for growing cucumbers.


On Wednesday, 14 May team of Geltiņi together with company sharholders, co-operation partners and invited guests will open the third greenhouse of the landfill. It is the worlds first  full-led cucamer greenhouse! 


In November 2016, “Getliņi EKO” started offering a new service – sales of crushed construction debris to legal and private persons. “Getliņi EKO” obtains these construction debris chips by crushing debris transported to the landfill, which are sorted from merchant waste. 


The 3rd round of construction of “Getliņi EKO” greenhouses is started on the territory of Getliņi landfill. Within the framework of these construction works a greenhouse will be created, intended for highly technological growing of cucumbers. Approximately 3.85 million euros will be invested for implementation of the project, and the construction works will be performed by LLC “Arčers”.


 “Getliņi EKO” has opened the new autumn 2016 tomato season. The first tomatoes arrived at “Getliņi” shop already 2 weeks ago, and the new harvest now is already available both in the firm’s shop and in the leading grocery stores in Riga and elsewhere in Latvia.